The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer book summary

 The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

Summary in a paragraph 

the little red book of selling is written by Jeffrey Gitomer and in this book he teaches the fundamental of sales . the book is written in principle format so i am also writing it as that way it is quite similar to phycology of selling by brain Tracy 

Principle 1 Kick your own Ass 

  • people don't like to be sold but they love to buy your job as a salesman is to create an atmosphere where people want to buy. 
  • if they like you and they believe you and they trust you and they have confidence in you then they may buy from you 
  • why people buy is more important than how to sell them 
  • your attitude is more important in sales keep a positive attitude 
  • attitude drives action action drives result result drives lifestyle 
  • in order for you to be the best you can be for others first you must be best for yourself 
  • the key lesson of this principle is in sales a big amount of your success depend on you and your internal factor so develop a positive attitude 
Principle 2 Prepare To Win or Lose To Someone Who is 
  • in this principle Jeffery Gitomer talks about importance making preparation before every sales and prepare for next day in advance instead wasting your time on useless stuff
Principle 3 Personal Branding is Sales : Its Not who you know it's who knows you 
  • build your personal brand and customers will call you. build your personal brand and customers will be loyal.
  • position more , compete less 
  • who sees you ? who appoints you ? it depends on who knows you! 
  • who values you and your knowledge ?
  • build your personal brand 
Principle 4 its All About Value , Its All About Relationship ,Its not all About Price 
  • give value first don't add it . 
  • make friends before you start , or don't start.
  • act professionally , talk friendly 
  • sales for the moment . friends for life . sales for the commission . value for the fortune.
  • don't focus on sale , focus on the lifetime use of the product or the service . 
  • when you meet with a prospect first thing build a rapport by finding something common , laughing together 
  • sales for the moment . friends for life , sales for the commission value for the fortune 
Principle 5 Its not Work its Network 
  • get face to face first . 
  • networking eliminates cold calling 
  • networking leads to referrals . 
  • you should develop your network it will help you to find prospects and develop connection that will make you succeeds
Principle 6 If you can't get in front of the Real Decision maker you suck 
  • in sales you must talk to the real decision maker 
  • the real decision makers doesn't care about price they care about result 
Principle 7 Engage me and you can Make me convince myself 
  • ask the wrong questions. get the wrong answer. 
  • ask smart questions , they think you're smart . 
  • asking powerful questions will make prospects think in new ways 
  • what you ask sets the tone and the perception of the buyers. 
  • what you ask determines their response.
  • what you ask makes or breaks the sale.
  • your questions are a critical factor in the way your customers perceive you . 
  • ask prospect question that make him evaluate new information.
  • ask question that qualify needs. 
  • ask question about improved productivity , profits or savings. 
  • ask question about company or personal goals 
  • ask question that separate you from your competition 
  • ask question that make the customer or prospect think before giving a response 
  • ask power question to create a buying atmosphere 
  • in  sales its important to listen to customer one of the best way is to make notes while you talk to prospect 
  • example of some powerful questions 1. what do you look for , 2. what have you found 3. how do you propose 3. what has been your experience 4. how have you successfully used 5. how do you determine 6. why is that a deciding factor 7. what makes you choose 8. what do you like about 9. what is one thing you would improve about 9. what would you change about 10 . are there other factors 11. what does your competitor do about 12 . how do your customers react to 
  • good questions get to the heart of the problem /need/situation very quickly without the buyer feeling like he or she is being pushed 

Principle 8 If You Can make them laugh , you can make them buy 
  • having the first  laugh make a sales that lasts . 
  • need to improve your humor? become a student of humor. 
  • humor. the final frontier 
  • humor is the highest form of language mastery 
  • what's so funny about being professional ?
  • the difference between a joke and a story .
  • laughter is universal 
  • the major clue making people smile or laugh puts them at ease and creates an atmosphere more conducive for agreement. if they agree with your humor, they are more likely to agree with purchasing your product or service . 
  • make Shure you focus on safe topic like children. traffic, repeating a sit-com or television line 
 Principle 9 Use creativity to Differentiate and dominate 
  • where does creativity come from ? you baby !
  • three areas to make a difference 
  • fix your voice message now!
  • creativity is a science that you can learn . 
  • A creative approach to ending "we're satisfied with our present supplier" forever. 
  • creativity is most important in sales 
  • use creativity to make improvement in these three areas 1. your opening question on a sales call 2.  change your ordinary imaging and branding 3. use your follow-up and "stay-in-front-of" power to max 3. use your follow-up and  "stay-in-front-of" power to the max.
  • creativity is a science that you can learn 
  • a creative approach to ending "we're satisfied with our present supplier"  is simply use social proof say that earlier lot of people were saying the something but they are getting extraordinary result
 Principle 10 Reduce their Risk and you'll convert selling to buying 
  • The obvious way to sell: eliminate the risk of buying !
  • Replace risk with a powerful closing tool: risk removal. 
  • the biggest barrier to a sale is the unspoken risk that a prospect perceives. 
  • if you eliminate risk , they will buy. 
  • no risk, no balls .
  • no one wants to risk but everyone wants the reward that risk brings. you can get them off the fence ,  you can eliminate the board from deciding , and you can make them more comfortable by identifying and eliminating the risk elements of purchasing from you . if the risk is price , them the compensation is value. 
  • if you eliminate , they will buy .
  • take more chances than you dare.  you'll make more sales than you expect. that's the formula .
 Principle 11 When you say it about yourself , its bragging . when someone else says it about you , its proof. 
  • who will testify on your behalf ?
  • take your customer with you on your next sales call. 
  • who is better at selling your product , you or your customer's testimonials ?
  • testimonials are the only proof you've got.
  • the most powerful person on your sales team is your customer. 
  • testimonial power secret . 
  • Testimonials. the single most powerful method of making a sale. and also the single most wasted resource in creating a marketing message. 
  • the most powerful member of your sales team is a satisfied customer.
Principle 12 Antennas up! 
  • the 6 positive sakes senses: 1. the sense of confidence 2. the sense of positive anticipation 3. the sense of determination 4. the sense of achievement 5. the sense of winning 6. the sense of success 
  • resign your position as general  manager of the universe 
  • the less time you spend in other people's business, other people's problem and other people's drama the more time you'll have for your own success. 
  • the biggest reason people don't succeed is because they don't expose themselves to existing information 
  • what does it take to be number one ? and stay there!  1. a contagious positive attitude. 2. excited about the prospect of helping other. 3. self-assured, not arrogant. 4. i like people and they like me 5. not just "book smart." 6. if I'm not having fun , what's the point? 7. i do everything full-force 8. unspoken integrity .visibly honest 9. i concentrate on the details without getting caught up in them . 10. i'm kid-like happy on the inside. 


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