The Psychology of Selling by brain Tracy book summary

 The Psychology of Selling by brain Tracy book summary 

Summary in a paragraph 

in this book brain teaches the fundamental of selling and this is book if you are just beginning to learn the sales process 

Chapter 1 Inner game of selling 

  • Enthusiasm accounts for 50 percent or more sales and best definition of sales is transfer of enthusiasm 
  • first most of your sales success depend your internal state 
  • if you want to success in sales follow the top people 
  • if you do what the other successful people do you will get the same result the successful people get 
  • small improvement in your sales skill will vastly improve your result 
  • self concept - this is idea about how you see your self and what are your beliefs about you 
  • to become the person you want first you have to start seeing as the person you want to become your sales success depends heavily on the way you see your self 
  • there are few key result area of sales prospecting , building rapport, identifying needs, presenting , answering objections, closing the sale , and getting resales and referrals 
  • the more you  improve your skill in each area the better your selling skill become 
  • in sales higher self esteem gives higher self success means the way you see your self 
  • everyday 
  • Action idea :- affirmation do it daily see feel believe (i like myself , i am positive person )
  • Rejection :-  in sales the biggest problem new people face is fear of getting rejection to solve this remember sales is game of getting rejection and people reject your offer not you
  • in sales boldness and persistent are most important quality 
  • in sales people don't by from you they buy from friend and so become your friend 
  • building rapport is important 
  • high self-esteem  help in building friends 
  • when people feel that someone genuinely likes them, they are more open to listening to that person and to buying what he is selling 
  • Action idea - before starting the sales process visualise everything see your self selling the product and wining 
sum-up in 4 parts 

Chapter 2 Set And Achieve All Your Sales Goals 

  • goal setting is one of the most important factor that makes the decision of success and failure in business 
  • Action idea :- your goals should be in writing and clear driven by a deadline 
  • once you set your goal your subconscious mind takes it and start working on it 
  • visualize your goals as Realized 
  • see your self as wining visualise the process that your are going with ease with customer 
  • Action idea Goal setting 
Chapter 3 Why People Buy 
  • no one buy the product everyone want the satisfaction of their desire 
  • your job is to identify customer need and show him how your product can satisfy his need
  • now with need i am talking about most important need 
  • win customer emotionally than win them logically 
  • two major reasons people buy or don't buy are desire for gain and fear of loss 
  • first tell him how his life will be better he buys and uses your product 
  • second tell him how his life is not good without your product 
  • best sales presentation tells both how much better his life will be if he buys and how much worst if he don't buys
  •  now here are the following core desires 1. Money - saving or making more money , 2. Security - everyone want to feel safe, 3. Being liked - everyone want to be liked , 4. Status and Prestige - everyone want the status and prestige ,5. health and fitness , 6. praise and Recognition ,7. Power ,influence and Popularity 8. Leading the field 9. Love and Companionship , 10 . Personal Growth ,11. personal transformation 
  • reduce fear of loss by giving better than money back guarantee 
  • Action idea Freudian slip - if you allow a person to talk about himself freely , eventually he will slip he will blurt out what he is really thinking about at the moment 
  • Action idea Open -Ended Question - ask question to the prospect that he cannot answer in one word 
  • remember the person who is asking the question has control in the situation 
  • best sales people see themself as consultant or adviser not a sales persons 
  • Action idea Dress for success - the way you look count and help you in the process of selling 
Chapter 4 Creative Selling 
  • Action idea Creative Selling - creativity is stimulated by three key factors 1.clear goals 2. pressing problem 3. focused questions all three must be intense and clear 
  • Always ask 3 questions 1. what are five to ten most attractive feature of your product 2. what specific needs of your prospective customer does your product satisfy 3. what does your company offer that other companies do not offer 
  • Action idea 20 Idea method -  ask a question how you can improve your sales and come up with 20 answers the 20th answer will be your solution
Chapter 5 Getting More Appointments 
  • the most important rule for selling success is spending more time with better prospects. 
  • first sell the appointment not the product 
  • always make Shure you are talking to the right person responsible for making decision for purchase of your product 
  • your world should always aimed at the result of your product but you should not leak it 
  • a good opening , with a strong question aimed at the result or benefit of your product , can get you almost to the close of the sale 
  • dan Kennedy has a powerful technique for testing your opening sentence when you visit a prospect for the first time . he say that your opening world should trigger the response "Really? how do you do that? "
  • you have only thirty second at the beginning of your meeting to get the prospect's complete attention 
  • don't sell on the phone meet in person 
  • when the prospect agrees to meet with you at a specific time , you have made your first sale, the sale that make the real sale possible
Chapter 6 The Power of Suggestion
  • Everything counts take complete control of every factor that your prospect sees, hears ,feels , and does plan in advance 
  • visualize yourself as a "doctor of selling " as a world-class professional thoroughly knowledgeable 
  • Dress for success
  • practise mental rehearsal before every sales call 
  • do everything possible to avoid noise or distraction of any kind when you are talking to a prospect 
  • by visualizing your goals you can get your subconscious mind to work toward making those subconscious picture come true  
Chapter 7 Making The sale
  • The approach close - you reduce the sales resistance by saying to prospect that you are just here to show the product that is benefiting other people see it and the choice is your ask for an answer how it applies to your life 
  • The Demonstration Close - The demonstration close starts with a strong question aimed at the chief result or benefit that the customer would enjoy when he buys your product and simultaneously qualifies the prospect it is based on commitment and consistency 
  • get a commitment from customer that if your product satisfy what you want he will buy it 
  • first win your customer emotionally than logically 
  • first intensify the desire of your product than win them logically 
  • There are many types of buyer present in the market 1. The apathetic Buyer - 5 % of market never buys anything whatever you sell and how you sell 2. The self - Actualizing Buyer -  5 % of the market knows exactly what he want and knew everything 3. The Analytical Buyer - 25% of the market focus on specifics rather than generic 4. The Relater Buyer - 25% of the market more relationship orientated 5. The Driver Buyer - a driver buyer only care about his goals so go straight to the point 6. The Socializer Buyer - these kind of people love socializing more 
  • your job is to adapt to personality of the each buyer type 
  • listen Attentively to your customers 
Chapter 8 10 keys to Success in Selling 
  • if you do what other successful people do , you will eventually get the same result that they do 
  • 1. do what you love to do 
  • 2. decide exactly what you want 
  • 3. back your goal with persistence and determination 
  • 4. commit to lifelong learning 
  • 5. use your time well
  • 6. follow the leaders 
  • 7. character is everything develop it life long 
  • 8. unlock your inborn creativity 
  • 9.practise the golden rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you)
  • 10. pay the price of success 


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